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Nina Sharil Khan is an entrepreneur, international speaker, personal & business coach, and a respected figure in the realm of digital thought leadership. With a remarkable journey that spans the fields of entertainment, entrepreneurship and personal transformation, Nina is dedicated to empowering individuals and brands to transcend their limits and create massive results in their business, relationships, health and finances.

From Entertainment to Pioneering Influence
Nina's career initially unfolded in the traditional broadcasting and filmmaking sector, where she made her mark as an actor, TV host, film & TV producer. However, realising that a disruption was happening in the digital world, Nina felt the pull of a new calling…. leading her to establish PopCon in 2018.

Within just a year, PopCon achieved the remarkable feat of launching CxOCON, the world's first Business Influencer conference and was recognised as Asia's Business Influencer School, renowned for nurturing the brightest Thought Leaders and Business Influencers across diverse industries!

The Healing Revelation
Yet, amidst these achievements, Nina stumbled upon a revelation that would redefine her path. Working closely with Holistic Wellness Educator, ThetaHealing® Master Instructor and Abundance Coach, Shirley Mathu Bala, Nina discovered a powerful & transformative healing technique that became a potent tool not only for her own personal and professional growth; but also a catalyst for the success in her students!

However, it was a life-altering health crisis that would set the stage for Nina's most profound transformation yet. Unbeknownst to her, what was intended as a time of rest and rejuvenation after the success of running a thriving startup, took a shocking turn when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer. With unwavering support from her mentor and guru, Shirley; and through extensive healing sessions, Nina navigated through a journey of surgery, chemotherapy and 52 rounds of radiotherapy with almost no side effects! And through her healing sessions, Nina was shocked to discover that it was her deeply ingrained beliefs about success and achievements that played a vital role in her illness. This revelation marked the beginning of a profound year-long journey of self-discovery, soul exploration, and personal transformation.

Today, Nina stands as a living testament to the incredible power of healing, soul discovery, and the ability to co-create a life filled with miracles.

Co-Creating Miraculous Lives
Today, Nina is a passionate believer of redefining our notions of success, leadership and life. Working closely with Shirley Mathu Bala & Headway Training and Development, the two are committed to guiding individuals through empowerment and unlocking their own miraculous potential, enabling them to co-create a life that's better than their dreams, experience extraordinary success & abundance and finally have what they really want in life!

Embark on a transformative journey with Nina, Shirley and Headway where you'll come to realize that healing, personal growth, and soul discovery are not mere processes but gateways to profound, enduring, and impactful change!

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Ms. Nina Sharil Khan,
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